Ready. Set. Go. SPRING!

Are you ready for Spring? Around here we are definitely ready! Here's the breakdown on SPRING MUST HAVES.

1. YOU will NEED a great pair of SUNNIES.  MAYBE even 2 pairs. 

Be sure to check out our favorites Britta, Bee Squared, and Helena. 

2. YOU will NEED a bathing suit cover up.  When it comes to beach/swim cover ups there are so many options.  We are loving our Leopard print maxi cover up.  

Another great option for a cover up is a light weight scarf.  Leopard print summer scarf.

3. YOU will NEED a beach/pool tote for sure! We have a few options for ya.  Our favorite to date is the Melissa and Michelle neoprene totes.  These totes are easy to clean, pack and travel with.  Also, check out the Benson bags too. These bags are great for packing sunscreen, lip balm, and other essentials for the beach or pool. 

4. YOU will NEED a SUN HAT.  Let's face it sometimes that sun is just too much! So why not add a straw hat to your Summer essentials list. We have several options that will keeping you looking stylish and cool.