Hello. Thank you for stopping by our jewelry and accessory boutique. We have  a lot to offer you.  First let's introduce ourselves.  

Allie is the owner and designer of AMD which is part of GTHIF.  All of her jewelry is designed by Allie and produced by an outside manufacturer.  The collaboration is just wonderful.  Allie's ideas come from her likes, desires, passions and basically things that she holds dear. Take for instance her bulldog necklace and ring.  Allie has 2 Boston Terriers and 1 Frenchie, which inspired her design of the Frenchton Bulldog pieces. In 2022 she began to take a turn into creating colorful pieces that would brighten someone's wardrobe without having to actually wear a flashy color on the body. There is a lot of color coming in 2023, so get ready!

Bobo Boston Terrier   Luke Bear Boston Terrier bulldog necklace

We also have some Allie selected pieces in our collections.  These designs include: jewelry, sunglasses and accessories.